The company Prolov was founded by Karel Janousek senior in 1992 as Lovex and initially dealt in the mediation of hunting trips in the Czech Republic and abroad, for example to Russia, Canada, Africa, etc.
Prolov - sídloIn 1995, Karel Janoušek junior and David Janoušek began to actively participate in the companys activities. At this time, our business was expanded with the hunting shop.
Then, in 1998 was built a hunting lodge in Pohoří. And finally, in 2002, the company managed to build rearing small game. Thus, the company expanded its activities to other sectors. Part of the pheasantry is a wood production.

Since 2008 the company perform in the market as Prolov.

Pheasantry Pohoří is annually able to hatch 80,000 pcs pheasants. Part of the game is sold from one day of age to adulthood. The rest of the game, the company retains for its own needs for restocking the district and the subsequent catch and at the same time to preserve the breed.

The circuit behavior of the animal gradually expanded to include mallard, king pheasant, wild turkey, red-legged partridge and helmeted guineafowl.

Wood production is engaged in the production of peeled poles and palisades and selling firewood.