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Provozovna Pohoří - Pheasantry, Wood production

Pohoří u Lovčic
340 34 Plánice
Czech Republic

GPS: E13.5298969°, N49.4191917°

Opening hours:
monday - friday: 8:00 - 16:00 hod.

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Sídlo firmy - Office

PROLOV s.r.o.
Vídeňská 126/IV
339 01 Klatovy
Czech Republic

VAT ID: CZ26359219

Prolov - sídlo Klatovy
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Hunting shop
Our hunting shop specializes in the sale of hunting supplies and weapons.We are constantly trying to expand the supply of hunting supplies and weapons.

Wood production
We focus on the production of wooden peeled poles and palisades. In our offer you will also find timber such as beams, planks, roof battens and Boards as well as firewood, shavings and sawdust.
PROLOV s.r.o., Vídeňská 126/IV, 339 01 Klatovy, Czech Republic
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