Roe deer hunting

The deer is the most widespread species in the Czech Republic, and especially the deer is the first hunting game hunted in the hunting season. In our natural conditions it lives in all types of landscapes except the highest mountain ranges. Roebuck is the most accessible type of hunt. The hunting in our country takes place in the wild in the presence of a revierkundigen, professional companion, which is assigned to each hunter at the beginning.


Hunting time: 16.5. - 30.9.
Recommended hunting time:

16.5. - 15.6.
15.7. - 15.8. (rutting season)

Number of hunting days: 1 - 2 Days
Number of hunters: 1 - 4 Hunters


Our hunting be found in our own hunting area "KAKOV" and "ZELENY HAJ". Hunting area  Kakov is located on the edge of the protected area of the Planice ridge near the town of Nepomuk. Hunting area Zeleny haj lies west of Pilzen near town of Holysov. In the vicinity of both hunting grounds, quality accommodation is provided. Huntigareas are located 50 km from the German border and 130 km from Prague International Airport.


Hunting shop
Our hunting shop specializes in the sale of hunting supplies and weapons.We are constantly trying to expand the supply of hunting supplies and weapons.

Wood production
We focus on the production of wooden peeled poles and palisades. In our offer you will also find timber such as beams, planks, roof battens and Boards as well as firewood, shavings and sawdust.
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