About Us

About Us

Charge hunting in own hunting areas (hunting in the Czech Republic)

We are a hunting company with 25 years of experience in hunting game. During our pheasant and duck hunts, we offer you impressive hunting experiences. You can also book hunting for roe deer, mouflon, fallow deer, red deersika deer and wild boar. One of our highlight offers in the Czech Republic is wild turkey hunting. Most of our hunts take place in our own areas. Our hunting company Prolov is one of the most renowned hunting organizers for for roe deer hunting, mouflon hunting, reddeer hunting, Sika deer hunting, wild boar hunting and driven hunt. We are happy to put together an individual hunting package with accommodation and full board for hunters, hunting groups or family. We also organize hunts for hunters with dogs that they can use for their education.


Hunting fees abroad and hunting trips

Furthermore, we also organize hunting abroad. Hunting experiences allow you to choose different hunting destinations in the world, for example Hunting in Africa, Hunting in Russia, Hunting in Serbia, Hunting in Spain, Hunting in Austria, Hunting in Romania, Hunting in Hungary, Hunting in Poland, Hunting Turkey, Hunting in Bulgaria, hunting Mauritius, hunting in Portugal, hunting in Slovakia, hunting for Slovenia, hunting in Belarus, hunting in Latvia, Estonia hunting, hunting in Iceland, hunting in Croatia, hunting in Greenland, hunting in Naibii, Mozambique hunting and Hunting in Kazakhstan. Hunting arrange for you, for example, on wolf, beaver, bison, grouse, grouse, snipe, hunting for geese, hunting for chamois, ibex, goat mountain, crocodile, Grant gazelle, antelope, marmot mountain, brown bear, leopard, eland antelope , Kudu, zebras, warthogs, blesbok, wildebeest, capricorn, duckling hartebeest, caracal, eland, wildebeest, springbok, buffalo, hyena nyala, eland, kudu, impala, gorge, baboon, siberian deer, roan, reedbuck, bushbuck, Duiker, Bergriedbock, tsessebe and more … ..


Fasanerie (sale of small game)

Our company Prolov deals with various branches. Fasan Mountains operates breeding and sales in the Czech Republic and also imported abroad. We offer pheasant, Reeve´s pheasant, pheasant tenebroz, pheasant colchick, guinea fowl, turkey, red-legged partridge, which you can find in our offer. Currently, we have the capacity to hatch 100,000 eggs per year. In our offer we have birds of different ages, from one-year-old chicks to adults. Our Fasanerie is about 700 m altitude. It is the highest-ranking pheasantry in Central Europe and for that reason the birds are very resilient. Depending on the age, the game is first kept indoors and later outdoors and in aviaries. This makes the wildnes well prepared for later release into the wild. Part of the wild is used to reproduce a part for a reorder and hunting area and the remainder reproduced in breeding herds is used to sell. Breeding herds are maintained from their own resources and each year are genetically modified to improve the quality of the wild.


Wood production

Other industries that our company deals with are wood production. Wood production deals with sawmill. We produce lumber, beams, boards, roof battens, boards and prism for the construction z. B. wooden roof trusses and for work indoors and outdoors. We also produce wooden posts, palisades, halved palisades, peeled rygl and pegs. Our offer also includes firewood, landscapes, shavings and sawdust. We are manufacturers and we are able to meet all your requirements at the lowest prices in the market. We offer transport in the Czech Republic and transport abroad.

Our clients‘ opinion

„Prolov offers an exciting turkey hunt in a superb hunting ground. The hunting guides are experienced and even hunting enthusiasts. I myself could kill two good turkeys and would always rely on Prolov’s expertise. ???? I’ll be back next year, definitely!“
Marc Remmert

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