(Anas platyrhynchos)

The Czech Republic, the heart of Europe is famous for waterfowl hunting. We offer hunting trip for traditional wild duck hunting. The ducks shooting season lasts from 1 st September until the end of September. Bird hunting (mallard) takes place in our hunting area. We hunt on ponds of various sizes from pontoons, boats, islands and pond shores. We offer interesting package hunting deals for individuals hunters and group. In a group of 15-30 guns, we shoot around 500 – 2 100 pieces a hunting day. Our hunting company „PROLOV HUNTING“ highly recommends this hunt for hunters to train your hunting dogs. This hunting trip is organized on our own ponds in the western part of the Czech Republic. The hunt is 40 km from Pilsen, 50 km from the border with Germany and 135 km from Prague International Airport. We’ll take care of all necessary paperwork and shooting licences.



Free hunting days: September: 02.-03., 09.-10., 14.-17., 23.-24.
Number of hunting days: 1 – 2  Hunting days
Number of hunters: an individual hunters or a closed group of 20-30 guns

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Our clients‘ opinion

„Prolov offers an exciting turkey hunt in a superb hunting ground. The hunting guides are experienced and even hunting enthusiasts. I myself could kill two good turkeys and would always rely on Prolov’s expertise. ???? I’ll be back next year, definitely!“
Marc Remmert

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