Trophy mouflon hunt belongs among the unfogetable hunting experience that we offer in our free range hunting ground. Czech republic has one of the strongest and highest scored trophies of mouflons. In our district, you can find mouflon of all trophy classes, medal trophies are not exceptional. The hunt takes the form of stalking or waiting on the high seat. You will enjoy several hunting days in our beautiful hunting area located 35 km from the German borders and 120 km from the main Prague airport. The hunting ground spreads in Bohemian Forest, western part of Czech, the hearth of Europe. We´ll také care of all the necessary paperwork and shooting license.



Hunting time: 1.8. – 31.12.
Recommended hunting time: 15.10. – 31.11. (rutting season)
Number of hunting days: 3 – 5 Days
Number of hunters: 1 – 4 Hunters

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„Prolov offers an exciting turkey hunt in a superb hunting ground. The hunting guides are experienced and even hunting enthusiasts. I myself could kill two good turkeys and would always rely on Prolov’s expertise. ???? I’ll be back next year, definitely!“
Marc Remmert

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